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Cybil Chase

Teen nudists are becoming more common asFrom The Nudist Magazine more Americans visit Europe and become comfortable with the idea of being nude with strangers and friends. Home nudism, hailed by some as a "nudist" movement, is really just the result of a casual attitude toward nudity. Many credit hot tubs and the growing habit of taking a sauna break for the new attitude. Others say the prevalence of nudity on the web has caused a softening of resistance to general nudity.  Let's face it, it's hard to get through the morning emails without witnessing a barrage of nude bodies often engaged in behaviors that would have horrified our forefathers. 

Young Nudists - Nudism

Naked Bodies Are Innocent...

That's a shame. Naked bodies are inherently innocent. It's what we do with them, or to them, or to another naked body that's important; nudism isn't about doing anything but being naked, whether at home, in the garden, on the beach, at the pool, in the sauna, or on an Alpine meadow. Nudists, and teen nudists among them, are simply enjoying "body freedom." Being a nudist, teen or otherwise, is benign. Regrettably, searching for information on or pictures of nudists invariably lands the unwary on some fairly horrific sites.

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The fact is, lots of families, teens and individuals have decided that being nude is a form of passive recreation that emboldens the spirit, refreshes the mind and helps us connect with our bodies, nature and other people. Have you ever walked naked in the woods? We bet you enjoyed the experience. Shouldn't every "body"?

The family that doesn't disconnect when it comes to life's daily routines (bathing, changing, seeking relief from the heat) finds itself more connected when it comes to sharing the joys and perils of life. The family that shares its "nudity" together feels "safe" together.

Teen Nudity - Family Cabin NUDE REVIEW

Many of us grew up in households where, frankly, personal genitalia and bodily functions "didn't exist." Some things were simply unmentionable. In a household where nudity is accepted as natural, families acton the beaches of europe, teen nudists abound more "naturally" with each other. A young teen girl seeing her father and mother naked isn't going to be horrified when her own body begins changing and her sexuality begins early development. Questions are asked and answered frankly. What's there to hide?

Viewing activities on a nude beach in Europe where nudist families congregate is like viewing activities on any beach. Kids play in the surf, moms read paperbacks, dads gawk, teenagers play their usual cat and mouse. The fact that on a nude beach everyone, or most everyone, is naked, makes no difference in the play. Only the costumes have changed. It's a concept hard for many to imagine.

Teen Nudists - Wholesome and natural, social nudity is common in Europe

Children that grow up in nudist environments need the same sort of guidance and supervision as any others. Being naked doesn't open them up to any more harm than being clothed. If anyone acts inappropriately, make sure they know it (pesky uncles come to mind). Otherwise, let them be naked—it's natural. 


  Young Teen Nudists, Uninhibited, natural and healthy...
Teen Nudist Camp

Nudists In Europe 

In Europe, beaches are nearly always "topless" if not wholly nudist (one will notice topless women and teens along the Seine in Paris in summer months). 

A pair of teenage girls standing naked (or nearly so) at a beach pavilion is not an uncommon site. Toplessness in beachside cafes is almost the norm, teen or otherwise.

The Big Question Aren't men subject to arousal at the sight of naked teenagers?

Generally speaking, men are subject to arousal from wearing wool pants (don't ask us why). Though there is no science to quote here, consensus and experience tell us that, when the layers of mystery are removed, so to go abject states of arousal. While we advocate that nudism is a sensual activity, it isn't necessarily a sexy one. If a man finds himself uncontrollably aroused, if mature, he'll remove himself to remedy his situation.

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If you're not used to it, seeing young teens sunbathing nude definitely takes some acclimation. Once you realize it's perfectly normal, the naturalness of the scene is serenity plus...



Teen Nudists


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Young Nudists

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