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Nudist Beach Scenes: A "teen nudist" enjoys the Florida sun near Cape Canaveral, and it doesn't make headlines. How could that be? Because nudist beaches usually enjoy a full mix of families, individuals and couples. Surprisingly (or not) teens seem more comfortable mingling with other teens on nudist beaches than the other kind, where textiles shape and mold, and hide or deceive. Bathing suits, resembling as they do undergarments, tend to be "sexy."

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Consider Nudity A Gift

The Beauty of Youth Consider it a gift. Yes, naked teens can be sexy, but that's an operation of the perceiving mind, not the perceived body. It's okay to say to oneself, "My, she's attractive." The fact is, a nude body is a nude body. Now that you see it naked, what else is there to appreciate?

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Nudist Massage Class? For Teens? If pictures are evidence, then yes. This will strike many Americans as odd—a nudist massage class for teenagers, sponsored each year by a European nudist club. While we say "nudist massage class," they simply say "massage class." Oh, yeah, they're naked. What, you want a massage with your clothes on?

Young Teen Nudists

Nudists At Home What's unnatural about playing billiards with dad in the nude? Well, chances are, unless you grew up with nudity, you'll have a hard time adjusting to the idea that, yes, in some homes, the entire family carries on in the nude the way June and Ward carried onTeen Nudists fully clothed with the, ah, never mind. Forgive the pun. For more pictures of the family nudist lifestyle, be sure to visit our "Nudists At Home" site (all sites interlink). 





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"What's wrong with playing pool nude with dad? Well, it can be weird, but only if you're not used to it. Nudity at home should be just a fact of life. As our Candid Nudity galleries reveal (included), teens are already pretty casual at home..."
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