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We feel we can assert with confidence that if community swimming pools offered coed nude swims, a lot of people would suddenly get the urge to "get fit."

We're not making this up. In Lermoos, Austria, community officials decided to permit coed nude swim nights once a week. What they realized during those nights was a 100% increase in attendees, representing all ages, and about evenly split between men and women. That was over twenty years ago. Today the community pool is "swimsuit optional" every night,  with Wednesdays reserved for women only.

Why in the world would anyone wear a bathing suit?
Skinny dipping is a fun, sensual and healthy pastime
whether alone or with family and friends.

College "Nude Swim" Night

Organize your own "nudist swim" night. It's happening
in clubs around the country, and club owners are eager to try
anything to bring in members.

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