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Who needs the beach when you have a nice, private backyard? If mom and dad are okay with it, go naked.
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"The great thing about being a nudist and enjoying body freedom is that it can carry over into everyday life. You tend to think of nudism meaning beaches and resorts, not families at home, but that's where the spirit starts - casual nudity around the house.


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As mentioned elsewhere, it may not be what you think. There can be an erotic side to the nudist experience when we first explore what it's like to be outside naked, and of course, where do these 'adventures' begin? Usually in the backyard while mom and dad are at work. I recall my first time (though I wasn't wearing stacked heels). I was beginning to 'blossom' out of adolescence and, pretending to be an Indian princess, stepped outside wearing only two hand towels strapped through a belt front an back. I then let the towels 'slip.' I recall what it was like as if it was yesterday.

From there I began to be very casual around the house, as where my hippie-sympathetic parents who where never shy about nudity. 

Nudist Mom At Home

With my own kids there are no locked doors or silly giggling if one or the other of us is nude around the house or garden. You want to take a dip in the pool? Go ahead. Of course there's no point wearing a suit to swim in, so why bother at home?

A few of our friends have a similar openness to nudity and their kids, growing up with my own, don't think twice about stripping for a swim or taking in some sun. We've ventured a few times to Muir Beach, where suits are optional, and no one hesitated to get naked. Are we nudists? We don't particularly seek out nudist venues, speaking of beaches or resorts, but if opportunity knocks we're there without a moment's thought. Merrilee

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Try to imagine the Garden of Eden and not think of a nude nymphet. That's why the Garden is so often employed to invoke images of sensual delights.

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