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Nude Entertaining
Theme Parties: Body Painting 

Home Nudity, Casual
Casual Nudity
When being naked is as natural and acceptable as being dressed.

"Singer Alanis Morissette announced that she likes to walk around naked: "I'm a leave-the-bathroom-door-open nudist, which is sometimes disconcerting for my friends."

washington post

"I never saw my mother or father naked. After a few liberating experiences, I decided I would raise my family with the idea that nude is natural. Among other things, it certainly cuts down on the laundry."
Sisters Reunion, Family Nudism
"The family hot tub use is divided: family time, adult time, and occasionally, time with guests and relatives"

Nude Sunbathing At Home

Nude Sunbathing, Socializing

Home Nudists, Nudist Community

Family Vacations: Summer Lake Cabins

Family Nudism On The Water
Family Nudists

Family Reunions: Camp Outs
Some family albums are more interesting than others (Reunions).

sunday mornings, lazy mornings...
Ever spend a Sunday morning more or less in bed, naked, with your wife or girlfriend? Casual nudity of this variety deserves special consideration.

Teen, Nude At Home, Teen Boudior, Bath, Bedroom


Backyard Nudity 
Backyard Nudity

Family Lake Cabins
Summer Cabins

Home Nudists, Home Entertaining
Entertaining In The Buff  

Backyard Sunbathing

Skinny Dipping At Home 

Nudist Behavior At Home

Strip Poker, Teen Parties
Strip Poker with friends
is fun, and a legitimate way
to enjoy true "body freedom."

Included: The Lighter of Nudity
Included: Candid Nudity

Social Nudism

"When friends or relatives visit, they're taken aback by the general liberty with which we carry on at home. Seldom do you find a closed door."*

  bathing photos - nudist households backyard nudists -  

Russian Family Nudists, Reunion on the Black Sea
Russian Family Nudist Cabin



candid nudityTeen Nudist, Skinny Dipping
American pools and backyards
team with "nudist" teens
enjoying summer breaks.
Candid Teen Nudity: "In My Room"

 Candid Home Nudity

A little gardening in the nude never hurt anyone (put the power tools away!), and lazy afternoons in the buff (or nearly so) are to be celebrated, which is the whole point of these photographs—the enjoyment of "body freedom" at home

  Nudist Living, At Home, Teens

Home Nudists, Summer Entertaining
Celebrating Nudism & Body Freedom
"...natural nudity, 
sexy & wholesome"

Getting Ready For The Day

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Casual NudityCasual Nudity, CouplesHome SpasExercising NudeHome Teen NudityTeen Home Nudity, Dressing
four interlinked formats celebrating body freedom
Covering all aspects of traditional and non-traditional nudism as practiced around the world, including family nudism, adult nudism, nudist resorts and destinations, "private" nudism among couples, singles, coeds, teens, home nudism or living nude, candid nudity (goofing off, playful, fun, private (teen series "In My Room"), among friends (sleepovers, parties, playful dares in the spirit of body freedom), couple's intimate nudity, bed, bath and boudoir, spa nudity, hot tubs, saunas, communal coed nudity, skinny dipping, nude picnics, hiking and camping nude, pagan nudity (festivals) and/or everything in  between, featuring real people who tend to be relative fit and pleasant looking (content is mediated in other words).

Teen Nudists, UkraineTopless Women & TeensTopless Resorts Around The CaribbeanTeen Nudists, Coeds, Spring Beach BreaksTeen Nudists, Europe, Eastern Europe, UkraineTeen Nudists, BeachesRussian Nudist Teens


*Some nudist parents have resorted to having "nudist permission slips" signed by parents of overnight guests. 

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**If we do not publish your submission please do not be offended. Many photographs, for one reason or another, do not contain enough "digital" information for reproduction on the Web. We recommend using a 4.1 mega-pixel or higher resolution camera. Also, we are not interested in pornography. Erotic photography may be okay, but still, we're picky.

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