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 "In a typical day people go through various transitions of being clothed, unclothed, bathing, partially naked or, in the case of home nudists, nude whenever time and location permit. This site celebrates those moments and more."

teens nudists are comfortable in front of the camera...
Casual home nudity is a trend that includes the whole family. It can make for some memorable photo moments, but more than that, it creates healthy attitudes towards nudity without shame. While we hope you enjoy our photography, we also hope you'll considering enjoying the liberating aspects of "body freedom" for yourself.

 Nude Wives  
Our nudist magazine ("a nudist magazine on the web") celebrates the nudist lifestyle familiar to most—at the beaches, at nudist clubs and resorts around the world. But what about casual nudity, nudist or otherwise, at home? It makes sense that responsible "coverage" of that aspect of life be treated with its own site, dedicated to those moments of complete or partial nudity, as we like to call them, "transitions." Of course, in the case of nudists, that moniker wouldn't apply. Some people just like to hang-out in the buff, or nearly so. Whatever the case, we celebrate the new sense of "body freedom" shaping households around the country.

skinny dipping
Skinny dipping in the ocean is one thing. Skinny dipping at home is, well, different...

Home nudist Dana

Welcome to our "slightly" redesigned magazine celebrating casual nudity at home. Our original site, "Nudists At Home" made sense until we realized that a lot of people enjoyed "body freedom" who were not necessarily nudists. Often, the photos in our "in box" simply celebrated "being nude" or "nearly nude" and the old title didn't quite fit the bill. Hence, "Casual Nudity at Home."

father & daughter nudists (skins) beat neighbors at volleyball
Lawn Party

hot tubbing

nudist Edens

nudist self portraits


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