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Generally speaking, ask any man if the thought of having his wife's bosom exposed in public is, generally speaking again, an amusing one, and he will deny it. In the plain light of day, most men will deny anything. However, evidence (and Nude Review polling), suggests otherwise. Many men are, in fact, somewhat aroused at the prospect of other men enjoying casual peeks into their mates private features. The biology behind the response is clear enough, and well (continued below)

documented. If a man perceives a threat to his sexual dominance, his juices boil, and he, with very little other stimuli, desperately seeks relief. It turns out exhibitionism, in this sense, is entirely useful and not, as some have thought, on the verge of "kinky." It turns out we can't help ourselves. If my wife's cleavage is suddenly the center of attention, her stock goes up tremendously. If she bares a nipple, well, the tension puts us in another world.

The Nude Review believes wholeheartedly in the prospect of treating wives and girlfriends as the goddesses they appeared to be upon our first acquaintance. If couples could bear to forget the mortgage, hire a sitter, and start behaving as the sexual beings they truly are, well, wouldn't that be better than, say, not doing so? A little cleavage can go a long way toward reviving a marriage, rekindling a sex life, and firming up a union. Plus, if your wife or girlfriend shows up in the old crowd wearing something remarkably revealing, it'll take about a minute until the other women are unbuttoning top buttons, raising skirts, or planning how they'll outdo your spouse the next time you get together. Imagine the nice spiral you may have put in motion.

The photographs above may seem to reveal an extreme interpretation, but sometimes it takes a bit of that to arrive at a happy median. 

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