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Nudist PicturesNudism & Simple Nudity - The Sensual Side

Our traditional nudist magazine, "a nudist magazine on the web" or "Nudist Sun" began online publication in 1996, founded by Julie Martin and Anthony Mobley, both avid nudists tired of the treatment of nudism on the burgeoning Web. Where were the edited collections? Where could one go to find real nudists enjoying the lifestyle? From there we wondered about other things, such as how nudism might look practiced at home (hence "Casual Home Nudity") or during the intimate life of couples ("Mobley's Review"). Finally, what to do with all the submissions that were neither nudist, particularly intimate, or the simple nudity of home life? Hence, "Candid Nudity," where the goofing-off and or otherwise genuine but categorically indefinite photography could reside. None of the sites could considered pornography (even Mobley's, which is really just "pre-sex" or "after-sex"). There's no exact term for it. Perhaps "wholesomely erotic" fits. "Natural and provocative" as well.Iowa Farm Nudist

The truth is, aside from when grittier moods strike (say, after some heavy drinking?), today "porn" isn't very pleasant or inspiring. Sure, the occasional free video has its redeeming quality, but the bulk of it is just crude and demeaning to all involved. We suspect if you're actually reading this you may agree, or at a minimum see our point.

What's it like to stand naked by the seashore next to a bunch of nude teen girls frolicking in the surf? What of you, the geezer, standing there with your penis at slack attention? How do women and teens feel being so exposed? This is interesting stuff, in addition to the pictures. Remember that evening when you and friends drank a little too much and played strip poker? Or got in the hot tub? Recall that accidental sighting of your nude sister-in-law in the bathroom? And so on into infinity. There are innumerable ways that nudity plays into the peak moments of our lives. 

Who is in charge here? There is a core group of twelve, most in the legal profession, who edit and direct operations, plan community trips (Nexus Groups) for exploring sensual themes (broad category), and generally assure tasteful variety is assured on a day-to-day basis ("tasteful" tastes vary, but we all have our little preferences, none of which dominate).


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Nudism covers a broad spectrum of activity and lifestyles, different interpretations around the globe shaping its individual manifestations. Unfortunately most "nudist sites" feature one or two beaches (local to the site owner) and much of the photography is repetitive, often with "updates" featuring a single subject, worthy or not. We don't present "sets" of single subject except in special features. 

We also focus on the sensual aspects of nudism, which doesn't preclude including all the wholesome stuff you read about. Sure, it's a wholesome recreation, but it's also wondrously exciting to participate in, creeping into "wholesome" naughtiness on frequent occasion. There's "adult" nudism as well as the family variety or the nudism life of girls and teens, and we treat it all with equal respect.

Our galleries never repeat (within a gallery) a single subject, beach, lake or theme. It means each day presents a new opportunity to explore a new "nudist" environment featuring new people from varied locations around the planet. For the community several blogs are maintained and information exchanged useful to understanding the nudist experience, learning about favorite beaches, etc. We also maintain an exhaustive collection of vintage nudist pictures that's continually growing. We're continually adding to our posse of photographers around the world looking and have several correspondents fortunate enough to "follow the sun" year round. 


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Everyone has a favorite "niche" and casual nudity seems to fit the bill for many (based on traffic within the sites). The appeal is somewhat of a no-brainer. Voyeurism isn't a fetish, but a natural inclination. You see the topless girl in the window and look. Before your mind finishes processing the moment (should I be looking at this?) it evaporates. You see your young teen niece changing in the lake cabin (accidentally). You respond correctly and look away. But that image, those accidental nude or near-nude moments, stick in the imagination. No harm is done.

A couple shares numerous occasions in a typical day where nudity fits the errand, like getting dressed or preparing for bed. That's one form of casual nudity. Some couples elect to spend the day "in the buff" gardening, or just hanging out. Some are true nudists and live that way, stripped to the bare necessities. Though we get accustomed to see our mates naked or in their underwear, we never get accustomed to seeing other men's mates similarlyFamily Nudism At Home dishabille. Again, it's in our nature to be curious, to have a look. The problem is most sites with voyeuristic themes have no editing or tasteful ambition, they're free-for-alls and frankly, I'd like some editing. There are some things I don't wish to see unless maybe I'm full of Jack Daniels, and even then I'm not so sure.

Nudity and near-nudity in the home is a natural occurrence in our most natural of habitats. From skinny dipping to sun bathing naked in back-yard, hot tubbing or sitting in the sauna, getting ready for the prom or a date--as we say, it's "interesting."


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Candid Nudity is playful, goofy, fun, the sort of impromptu spur of the moment delight you hope to experience a lot. People tend to be in good moods when nude, or "caught" nude, or moved in one way or another to be the exhibitionist. Candid nudity is happy nudity, party nudity, happy-to-be-alive nudity. A wife letting her husband into the dressing room at Victoria's Secret while she tries on lingerie is partaking of playful, teasing nudity, as is the back-yard flasher, the teens driving in their cars with their tops off, the college initiation where streaking naked across the campus is part of the fun. Strip poker is an ideal circumstance for letting inhibitions fly out the window. The evidence is overwhelming in the age of digital photography.


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There's a genre of nudity that precedes, incites or follows passionate (or "quickie") sexualSensual Nudism, Simple Nudes, Near Nudity, Adult Nudists relationship that strikes a compelling mood, which we capture in Mobley's Review. We're not saying we don't include "sex" per se--what we intend to say is we focus on all of the intimate moments that may or may not lead up to and following the act as well. Passion between "real" couples isn't pornography, its an expression of overwhelming desire, seduction and soul magnifying intensity. Of course, if you don't view sex as we do (glorious) and women and teens as Goddesses, you might not get our drift. If you do, then you understand that sex is a peak experience that has sacred dimensions. It should be celebrated. Just spending time naked with someone you love (or are getting to know very well) is, as we all know, a great way to spend the afternoon or evening.

Mobley's Review also covers the more personal aspects of nudism enjoyed by couples, and forms that occur away from the more traditionally viewed venues for nudist recreation.

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